Font file replacement is not working for mods

Game Version:

  • Build 34793
  • Platform Steam


I’m now trying to replace the font file for games in order to fix the charset incomplete problem. I’m now successfully generated the font related file, while they cannot work if it’s provided by a mod folder. It indeed works if I just replace the font files in the game installation folder.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create a local mod folder in the “(UserProfileFolder)\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\(UserId)\mods\local\” folder with a necessary mod info files.
  2. Add a new “” and “” file in the mod’s “resources\_common\fonts” folder. (unfortunately my new files are too large and cannot upload here)
  3. Start game and enabled this local mod. You will see font is unchanged during the game.
  4. If you just replace these files in place with original files in the “resources\_common\fonts” folder in the game installation folder, the new font files does work during the game.

@DodoNotDoDo Can you help with this problem? It seems the font related file ( and are loaded directly and will not be replaced by mods during the game initialization. Many thanks!

This is a current in-game limitation, so not something I have control over. I’ve passed on the request though so they can consider making changes to this in future updates.

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Thank you for the report, we are now looking into making font modding available.


It seems, that directly calling developers is needed in order to get bug reports noticed :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes please!

Please make fonts in both locations moddable.

Hey @StepS7578, font modding is still not available. What’s the plan?

Besides, the East Asian Typeface issue has been there since the release of DE and totally ignored. The workaround now is to either change font file names (which gets reset by Steam integrity verification), or put in an extra font file (which is better done by a mod, but not supported atm).