Muvendhar civ concept

This civ concept is a follow-up to a similar concept that me and @Antonimus80 made one time, which you can find by clicking here to get to that page. Anyways, here’s the Muvendhar civ concept.

The Muvendhar (Also known as the Three Crowned Kings) was a triumvirate civilization consisting of the Chera, Chola, and Pandya dynasties that dominated the politics of and ruled over Tamilakam (consisting of what is now Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India) for over a millennium. They signaled a time of integration and political identity for the Tamil people while in power.

Some proposed flags

Year span: 590 - 1336 CE
Focus: Infantry, Elephants, Navy
Difficulty: 3/3


  • Elephant units have +40% hitpoints
  • Docks provide 10 population and are constructed 20% faster but cost +50 wood
  • Trade Ship charge +15% gold
  • Trade Ships can garrison 5 units

Influence: Kadagam

How does Kadagam work: Barracks and Archery Ranges built within the influence of the Keep have their units cost reduced by 15%. If Nadapu Recruitment is researched, they can also work 15% faster. The Elephant Archer is excluded.

Unique Units:

  • Eethi Spearman - Light melee infantry that carries the Eethi spear. Replaces the regular Spearman.


  • Urumi Swordsman - Light melee infantry with low damage but high attack speed, as well as area damage. Extremely lethal against lightly armored units. Fragile. Weak against archers. Available at the Barracks starting in the Castle Age.

Urumi Sword demonstration

Urumi Swordsman portrait from AoE2: DE - DOI

  • Sengunthar - Heavy melee infantry armed with the khanda sword and dahl shield. Replaces the Man-At-Arms.


  • Valari Thrower - Ranged unit that throws the valari. Has a bonus damage against archers. Available at the Archery Range starting in the Feudal Age. Like the Javelin Thrower, it’s a Crossbowman replacement that doesn’t use the crossbow.

A pair of Valaris

  • Physician - Healer that can be created at the Vimana. Heals slightly faster.

An example of an Indian healer

  • Dhoni - Ship that acts as a Fishing Boat and Archer Ship. Available at the Dock starting in the Dark Age but it’s ability to attack is enabled in the Feudal Age. Replaces both, the Fishing Boat and Archer Ship.

  • Velaikkarar - It’s not a specific unit but a stronger version of one of any of the base units with improved stats. To compensate, they are more expensive and have slower train time to create. Can be trained at the Special-Purpose Academy. Unit limit is 10.


Unique Buildings:

  • Special-Purpose Academy - Military building that recruits a Velaikkarar. Can be constructed in the Dark Age and you can create a new regiment of Velaikkarar with each age up, being able to choose up to 3.

An example of an ancient military academy (it was hard to find a picture of the one with Indian architecture. So, I used a random picture instead)

  • Vimana - Religious building that can heal villagers and traders. Can be given the ability to heal out-of-combat military units (excluding siege units) if Stepwells is researched. Replaces the Monastery.

Unique Technologies:

  • Naval Expeditionary - Ships have +1 line of light and +10% speed. Available at the Dock starting in the Feudal Age.
  • Corps Organization - A group of 10 same units gains +1 / +1 armor when nearby. Available at the Blacksmith starting in the Castle Age.
  • Tusk Swords - War Elephants have swords attached to the tip of their tusks, increasing its damage by 3 points. Available at the Stable starting in the Castle Age.
  • Stepwells - Vimanas heal out-of-combat military units. Available at the Vimana starting in the Castle Age.
  • Poombuhar Shipyards - Ships are created 20% faster and cost -10%. Available at the Dock starting in the Castle Age.
  • Ethunu Kaduwa - Urumi Swordman acquires 2 more edges to his sword, increasing its damage by 2 points. Available at the Barracks starting in the Imperial Age.
  • Nadapu Recruitment - In addition to units being 15% cheaper when under the influence of a Keep, Barracks and Archery Ranges work 15% faster. Available at the Blacksmith starting in the Imperial Age.
  • Professional Handling - Elephant units cost -1 population cap. Available at the Stable starting in the Imperial Age.
  • Exported Engineers - Counterweight Trebuchets deal +25% damage. Available at the Siege Workshop starting in the Imperial Age.


  • Bhima Ratha - Landmark that increases the hitpoints of stone buildings by 25%. Based on the building of the same name.

  • Nageswaraswamy Temple - Landmark that reduces the gold cost of Dock Technologies by 20%. Based on the building of the same name.


  • Rahu Stalam - Landmark that acts as the Vimana. Spawns 1 sacred cattle every 5 minutes. Based on the building of the same name.


  • Airavateswarar Temple - Landmark that gives nearby infantry and elephants 50% resistance to ranged attacks. Based on the building of the same name.

  • Gingee Fort - Landmark that acts as the Keep. Enables units to be able to garrison inside Barracks. Based on the building of the same name.

  • Sacred Gateway - Landmark that let’s nearby Vinamas work 20% faster and gives the Physician +20% hitpoints. Based on the Monumental Gateway of Brihadishvara Temple.

Wonder: Brihadishvara Temple

A portrait of the Brihadishavra Temple
The Brihadishvara Temple in AoE2: DE (formerly the Indian Wonder and now the Dravidian Wonder)

Units that are expected to become shared units:

  • War Elephant - Melee cavalry that is to become shared among civilizations that historically used them.

New shared unit expected to come into existence:

  • Elephant Archer - Ranged cavalry unit where the archer is atop of the elephant and is available to civilizations that historically used military elephants. Delhi Sultanate uses the Tower Elephant instead.

Architecture: Chola and Pandyan architecture would both be most prominent.

Language: Old Tamil and would evolve into Middle Tamil.

Proposed stats for some of the unique units:

[Eeleti Spearman]

  • Cost: 50 Food and 15 Wood
  • Training time: Same as Spearman
  • Hitpoints: 60 (Regular), 80 (Hardened), 100 (Veteran), 120 (Elite)
  • Melee Attack: Same as Spearman
  • Fire Attack: Same as Spearman
  • Attack bonus: Same as Spearman
  • Rate of Fire: Same as Spearman
  • Melee armor: Same as Spearman
  • Pierce armor: Same as Spearman
  • Speed: Same as Spearman
  • Upgrade cost: Hardened and Elite upgrades remain the same as the Spearman while the Veteran upgrade costs 80 Food and 160 Gold
  • Upgrade time: Same as Spearman

[Urumi Swordsman]

  • Cost: 50 Food and 90 Gold
  • Training time: 21 seconds
  • Hitpoints: 85 (Regular), 100 (Elite)
  • Attack: 9 (Regular), 11 (Elite)
  • Area Damage: 0.5 area
  • Rate of Fire: 1 second
  • Melee armor: 0
  • Pierce armor: 0
  • Speed: 1.40 tiles/second
  • Upgrade cost: 300 Food and 700 Gold
  • Upgrade time: 60 seconds


  • Cost: Same as Man-At-Arms
  • Training time: Same as Man-At-Arms
  • Hitpoints: 135 (Regular), 160 (Elite)
  • Attack: Same as Man-At-Arms
  • Rate of Fire: 1.15 seconds
  • Melee armor: Same as Man-At-Arms
  • Pierce armor: Same as Man-At-Arms
  • Speed: 1.140 tiles/second
  • Upgrade cost: Same as Man-At-Arms
  • Upgrade time: Same as Man-At-Arms

[Valari Thrower]

  • Cost: 80 Food and 40 Gold
  • Training time: 21 seconds
  • Hitpoints: 65 (Regular), 80 (Veteran), 95 (Elite)
  • Pierce attack: 7 (Regular), 9 (Veteran), 11 (Elite)
  • Attack bonus: +6 vs. Ranged (Regular), +8 vs. Ranged (Veteran), +10 vs. Ranged (Elite)
  • Rate of Fire: 1.80 seconds
  • Range: 4 tiles
  • Melee armor: 0
  • Pierce armor: 0
  • Speed: 1.36 tiles/second
  • Upgrade cost: 80 Food and 160 Gold (Veteran), 300 Food and 700 Gold (Elite)
  • Upgrade time: 30 seconds (Veteran), 60 seconds (Elite)

If you want, check out my other civ concepts as well:


Tbh I’d just go with “Tamils”. The Tamils of that period aren’t Tamils of today by definition. It was a more inclusive term. And Old Tamil was dead by 590 CE iirc. I’d go with Middle Tamil through the ages but adding varieties for different units. For instance, the urumi swordsman could speak Old Malayalam, fishermen could have local Neytal flavour to their speech and so on. When we talk of Middle Tamil, that’s mostly the language of inscriptions… not exactly what people spoke, That was the elite courtly variety.

I like that you’ve included the naval options. But I would most certainly love something on trade guilds.

To be honest, I wouldn’t call them Tamils because I expect that the Vijayanagara Empire would also be its own civ (though the Tamils wouldn’t be as umbrella as AoE2’s Dravidians since the Dravidians don’t just represent the Tamils but also other Dravidian/South Indian groups as well). And yeah, adding varieties for different units would be good to do too.

Thanks. And yeah, I would’ve added something on trade guilds.

But how would Vijayanagara be considered Tamil? Most of their ####### in the Tamil country were Nayaka chiefs anyway. And locally, the lingua franca was mostly Telugu and Kannada.

The issue I have with Muvendhar is the fact that it only includes Chera, Chola, Pandya, and it doesn’t include smaller powers like Kolatthunadu, Samuthiri, Venadu, Jaffna, and so on.

Woah why did they censor vassal?

I probably should include the other said groups as well. I was going by the name “The Three Crowned Kings” when making this but I could’ve also mentioned the Muvendhar also representing the smaller powers you mentioned as well. Now someone did create the Vijayanagara Empire civ concept. Link:

Civilization Concept: The Vijayanagara Empire - Age of Empires IV / IV - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

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Ah yes I’ve already seen and liked it :slight_smile:

Except if i didn’t pays attention but you didn’t mention the role of the sacred cow and the landmarks function like the Abassydes ? No age restrictions ?
Great concept :+1:

Man look at this comunity and look at the devs they gave us zu xhi,jeanne darc and some order as civs.

I thought the idea was very good.

I always thought to myself… what it would be like to add Cholas and Pandyas to AoE4. That would be a very smart solution.

I also thought it was cool that the “Kadagam” influence reduces the costs of units, including war elephants. Throughout history we know that southern India had a very large and numerous armies of soldiers and elephants, I believe the quality was not good, but there were countless numbers. Makes a lot of sense.

The elephant archer, as it is more tactical, is really good not to have a discount. Your choice is very good.

Now I will make some suggestions below:

Still referring to the elephant archer… as far as we know, southern India did not use crossbows. If this is true, it would be useful for the elephant archer to have a passive bonus of 25% attack speed for his archers. (Age of Empires 2 has a bonus like this too)

One thing that I would think would be cool would be in the imperial age (age 4), the elephant archer from southern India, as it did not have a crossbow upgrade, should have a new upgrade… this upgrade would be to add a third archer to its tower. This is what an elephant archer with 3 archers in the tower would be like in the imperial age… it would become an elephant focused on fighting enemy units that do not have armor, therefore, it would be effective from a distance against enemy spearmen and archers.

I still think there should be some new warship to represent the maritime expansion of the Cholas. The Age of Empires 2 uses a unique ship to reintroduce the southern naval force.

Regarding landmarks… south India really has a lot of options for possible landmarks… it is a place very rich in temples and large monuments and statues.

Other examples of architecture and some extras from temples already mentioned… … in this case I will only post about the Cholas, because otherwise I will never finish this post:

Note: Two monuments I will revisit, they are already mentioned in the topic above, I will just show in more detail the buildings and sanctuaries and architecture of the complex

Brihadisvara Temple in Thanjavur (Rajaraja I, made his capital here)
It was already mentioned in the main post, I will just deal with it in more detail in the photos and extra structures.

Brihadisvara Temple in Gangaikonda Cholapuram (Rajendra I, made his new capital here)

Airavatesvara Temple in Kumbakonam (Rajaraja II built, and reigned from 1143 to 1173)
It was already mentioned in the main post, I will just deal with it in more detail in the photos and extra structures.

Arunachalesvara Temple in Tiruvannamalai city

Change that was made:

  • ‘Elephant units have +25 hitpoints after each age up’ changed to ‘Elephant units have +50% hitpoints’

Change: Elephant unit HP bonus reduced from +50% to +40%