Nearly outdated stuff that could be useful. (Potential improvements)

Making Grenadiers counters the type of unit that hard counter (Skirmishers soft counter because of the huge amount of ranged resistance) them will break the balance.

The thing about Grenadiers is that they are a very late game type of unit. Their splash damage is super effective against large masses of units, but not very effective against small scattered armies. (Also they are super expensive) But there are two problems:

1- They training time is terrible. Which makes them hard to mass quickly, which is crucial on deep late games scenarios.

2- Stagger mode really screw them over.

And the Grenade Launcher is way to good to be in the advanced Arsenal by default.
I do agree that Grenadiers needs a buff, though. But I think we should be less drastic about it.

A little reduction on the training time could be a good start. Or maybe a slightly increase on their range.
But a secondary attack with bonus against the units that suppose to be their counter straight up breaks the counter system.

skirmishers dont hardcounter grenadiers.

skirmishers soft counters them, the high resist and the fact grenadiers do siege dmg makes that pretty obvious.

what headcounters grenadiers is artillery and cavalry.

Indeed. That’s why I think a stance that removes their negative multiplier against cavalry will break the game balance, as the only counter remaining will be skirmishers, which is a soft one.

And the fight grenadier vs artillery is kind of double edged, because falconets do nuke grenadiers, but grenadiers also nukes artillery.

eh it takes far more resources for grenadiers to kill a cannon considering even british grens die in a shot to a falcon and that the range disparity is that high, i think musketeers are better at fighting skirmishers by that point. but ofc if you get within throwing range with 10 of them they can kill a falcon in a volley or 2.

i think if a grenadier/musketeer combo was made then:

  1. it needs to be a unique unit, not a replacement for current grenadiers

  2. it needs to by default use muskets and then have grenades as a charge ability, similar to how Swedish charge ability for caroleans work. no silly permanent grenade mode.

  3. it probably needs to be more expensive than current grenadiers, and you know stats need to be different too

by the end of the day i think there is only 1 missing faction that realistically could have such a unit, at least i dont think someone like Persia could have it, so yeah maybe well see such a unit? maybe we wont, depends if the faction gets added and if they make it a unique unit.

They could just give you a reasonable cost.

The blockade of metropolis and the improvement of Spies.

Captura de pantalla (316)
I do not consider them obsolete because of the function itself, but because of how they are implemented.

Let’s start with the metropolis blockade:
The reason it is not used is because it deals too drastic damage to the opponent, as it does so permanently for the rest of the game.

My proposal to fix it: Make the opposing player temporarily stop gaining experience (Maybe 2 minutes) for a price of 2000 coins, and the opposing player could pay the same amount to lift the block immediately. This must be a skill that takes a considerable time to recharge (8-10 minutes (?)).

In case of being a team game, you must choose from the player’s summary which one you want to block, that is. You will not block everyone, only one at a time.

If the game is in a team, in case someone has already blocked his metropolis and he has unlocked it there. It cannot be blocked by other team members for a specified time. (This to prevent it from being blocked consecutively)

Now the spy upgrade:

We all like to see what your enemy does all the time, but in team games you can’t always pay such an overwhelming sum without doing serious damage to your economy.

I propose that it be an ability similar to the Buddha of the Japanese, but much longer (Maybe 5 minutes?), At a much lower price. This ability should also allow to see in the player summary the production of the enemy, the number of troops and villagers, the number of resources and income, and the shipments that he is making. As mentioned, only temporarily.

Note: I have never understood the image of the ‘Metropolis Lock’ icon. Can anyone tell me what it is and what situation it represents?

Its a map of america with a lot of ships blocking the routes to Europe, then ships from HC cant arrive. They arent operative ships anymore hahaa

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How we could improve priests:

Again getting ideas from SC-2. This time with the field hospitals:

In SC-2 there is a building that regenerates the shield of the units instantly (Even while fighting). But it requires energy and once it runs out, it remains inactive for a while.

The field hospital might have a similar ability to heal units during combat quickly. (How about instantaneous healing consuming 10 food and 5 gold for every 30 stamina points restored?)

Surgeons being garrisoned in hospitals could make this ability recharge faster.

The field hospitals will slowly heal units that are at rest anywhere on the map very slowly, or if they are close to it they will be able to heal faster (Even if they are moving, but without fighting).


Shield battery hospitals with doctor overcharge…? It sounds hilarious, but might actually be worth a try.

eliminated them , is simple.

Delete what?
What are you talking about?

He is talking about indian cards:
Grazing and call to militia.

I did not pay attention to what he answered. I thought she responded regarding field hospitals. :sweat_smile:

From this point of view we would have to eliminate 30% of the elements of the game. (I’m exaggerating)

That is why this forum exists.

The idea is that it has a bar that wears out when healing units that consume resources when used.
This bar would reload faster if there are surgeons inside, but to use it requires food resources and coins.

Or you could activate some type of ability in which you heal a certain percentage faster than usual, but that will spend resources and heal anywhere on the map if the units are at rest, or heal them quickly if they are close.

The general idea is that the ability to heal may be more effective, but it is not free.

I had suggested this because some people complained that it was unfeasible in the treaty mode to create natives, but since its value was slightly adjusted and also gives you 1000 of infinite influence. Do you think it is fine like this, or is it still not viable?

The explorer improvements.

I find that the explorer upgrades are too costly to simply increase the explorer’s hard points and I find them to be of very little use. That is i why propose that in addition to your current benefits, you grant the following benefits:

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Title of gentleman: In addition to its current benefits, the explorer loses all negative multipliers, and the ‘grand shooter’ attack can also be used against normal units.

Captura de pantalla (337)
Nobility: In addition to your current benefits, you can build native embassies. And you can build urban centers and trading posts faster. You can also receive shipments and increases your visual field.

The Mercenary Contractor:

Sometimes it is a waste because the mercenaries that in principle qualify, many times they are already by default, and if you are going to take this option you are forced to build a tavern to know that you will not waste the politician. I propose that in case the Mameluke onesies and corsairs are already available (In the case of the Ottomans for example), they give you access to another 2 mersenarios who have some kind of historical argument.

The mercenary contractor of the imperial era, in addition to the benefits it currently grants, increases the tavern limit by 1.0 and makes them create a little faster.

The inventor

Is it used a lot or is it little used?
What do you suggest to make this politician more useful?
Maybe you could grant a researchable technology in the church, capitol or armory apart from the air balloon?

Konahrik1140 On second thought, I think the pillars should just have a little more field of view. Giving them the attack capacity and the garrison capacity would make it very easy to protect the villagers and the detachments would lose importance. That is why I propose that they can be built only in the corners or when creating a door.


I don’t play treaty, but I think that the Advanced Hot Air Ballon can be used there in long treaty games. It doesn’t have sense in classical skirmishs

New ability for ‘stealth’ and/or ‘view stealth’ units.

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This skill is rarely used because it does not have many practical applications. So I propose that these types of units can see the technologies that you are investigating, the units that you are creating and the destiny of the metropolis. It would also be good if you could see the shipments that are in progress from the metropolis in case you are near the destination of the metropolis.

The unit must have both abilities (‘stealth’ + ‘view stealth’) to be able to perform this level of espionage.

Hot air balloons could be the exception and so could Dutch emissaries. That is, they do not need to be stealthy to have this intelligence ability.
image image

Above I proposed a more practical way to implement the ‘spy’ and ‘metropolis blockade’ upgrade.
Captura de pantalla (316)

I propose the same for the spy upgrade, but this time for a single player at a time as I proposed with blocking, not spy on all opponents at the same time, as it would be very expensive.

For hot air balloons you do not need two politicians (one that provides a temporary balloon, and the other indefinite ‘advanced balloon’). Just in case the player opts for the hot air balloon at age 1, enable an upgrade on the church for age IV that will make the balloon last longer, and the explorer skill recharges faster.

  • I still advocate for a politician that replaces the Inventor: The Translator/The Embassador/The Emissary.
    A native woman that would give a trading post travois (usable only on native settlements) which would award 200xp when built.
    So it would be a unique politician to promote minor Natives on top of giving an unique resource: XP.

  • The Naturalist should be set as the “Food Politician”: 500 food + 2 sheep’s (600food)

  • The Philosopher Prince should be the set up politician: 2 settlers + something I have no idea of.


For those that have played Galactic Battlefronts, would be nice to have something similar to the pens there that produce x food per animal garrison inside, something like would be nice, to be honest I rarelly use pens in Aoe3, but if you could get a trickle would be nice and being able to togle between food and gold would be nice.

Also I believe that all herdables should be able to have the same interactions as africans do, sell them for gold/wood.

I was wondering the same, many civs get cavalry archer as an Age III - IV unit, when in time period most nations would have abandon such practice or change for gunpowder, Japanese has the same issue being a unit that is way to strong…

Note: Samurais before bushido used mainly bow and spear, and since Mongol “invasion” of Japan, they addopted many of their tactics, one being horse archers…

Way too good for my liking in many cases, also while we have civs with horse archers at age 3, we have USA with gunpowder since Age 2 thats funny and annoying.

Yep, many improvements are not so usefull, the ones I find the worst are the ones that send “unique” units that you cant hire anymore.

They could maybe give a trickle of expirience for cards? or to be assign to x building to increase such trickles, ex assign them to trading post to give +10% extra of the selected resource or something like.

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My personal problem with European civs is that they are way to “General”, way too equal. Would be nice if each civ had their own Age ups, as Asians and Africans.

For example:

Native Woman: Gives x food, allows to hire native villagers and llamas, native envacy (or however it is named) allows to choose a minor civ to ally and use their units and technologies.
(As inca card)

Inqusitor Gives 2 Misionaries and 2 Conquistodores, allows to hire them and unlock jesuit unique technologies.

Explorer (Columbus, shared with Portoguese): Increase explorer sight range and movement speed, unlocks the use of telescope (or whatever is called).

Inventor (shared with other europeans) Allows the construction of factories (2 max, expandable with cards).

Hernan Cortes (Functions as Mercenary) Decrease mercenary population cost, and expands max native units that can be hired, can choose a native civ to ally and user their units and technologies.

Something like that, here im just making something quick and only taking figures around Spanish conquest of America, but could be expanded way futher too 1800s figures, we could have artist too.

Also many civs (mostly) europeans could have another type or resource, for example again: Spanish and Aztecs could work with faith.


But they are meant to be like this…