New Main Menu and User Interface

What are your thoughts on it? Mods can be found next to your profile’s avatar, which I find in quite a bad place. I think it should be near the bottom of the screen somewhere. Map editor in single player window seems strange also.

Edit: [Anne_HK] Old Main Menu. Quick play is hidden. You need to click on the battle royale button to access quick play.

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Pretty annoying how the multiplayer button on the mainscreen leads to an in-between page with pictures, which then all lead to the same pages we already had… Just go there immediately.

2 paths to same locations just adds unnecessary complexity.

Mods and options are hidden and awkward now.


The new menu is just confusing and loses all AOE2 HD vibe. I don’t like it.


I’m not a fan of needing an extra click to get to the scenario editor.


The new main menu is so bad. It basically adds one more unnecessary click to reach where you want to go, for nothing.

Other things I want to complain about the UI: the civ select menu’s very unreadable all cap font for civ overview (I remember seeing a thread about it, but can’t find it now)

And the history tab (which is more unlikely to change, now that it’s hidden deeper in the menu), so sad


Why can’t Microsoft, and every other company, just leave well enough alone. Nothing was wrong with the game. But people at Microsoft are bored. So they make all these changes to the interface and match making, and now it is full of bugs and freezing. I have a top of the line gaming PC, and my PC NEVER froze before they made these changes. Please change it back, thanks.


The UI designer needs to keep his shoddy job somehow. All of these minimalist designs, plaguing websites, designed by hipsters are starting to get on my nerves.

Forget the freezing and the bad matchmaking, it’s so freaking ugly… ugh…

Like bro, I don’t care what you learned in your 6 months long course in university, you aren’t designing for tablets. This big icons bs needs to stop!


I didn’t played with update yet (so I am not sure about there is option or not). Why there is no option to select your menu or with modding? Like in HD there were Menu Modding and I used Constantinople Menu a lot. It was clean and good looking for me. You can change location of buttons and size of them on HD (2013 now).

Constantinople Main Menu:


First time it was ok, until i played few games the menu and interface got pretty much laggy, also in all the games that i have played i have had stutters and lag 24


Yes it was confusing like you have to research the forums or reddit on how to view your own replays unlike before where we have the replay tab in the main menu itself. Maybe they’re planning to add more content in the future so the minimalistic menu.


I was able to find loading replays, but where are the historic battles?

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I am to lazy to post something new. I just quote my own post.

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It’s there in the Campaigns if I recall the Historical Battles are under Africa.


Aha! I see it now. Quite bizarre, given that Hastings, for example, is not in Africa, but at least they’re accessible.

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The new ui is the worst thing to happen to the game since malay aged up 166%.

Now you have to click through multiple buttons to access the same place as before, and to make it even worse you have to wait for a fancy animation to complete in-between each page. In addition the new UI seems to not have been tested on lower end systems, as my computer which ran aoe2 perfectly before this update has occasional lagginess when navigating the UI due to the animations I presume.

The new civ pick screen is just bad, and is also an example of catering to new players, while screwing over existing ones. I understand and admire the intention of making civ bonuses more easy to decipher for new players, but forcing people who already know the civs, to use a new selector that covers the entire screen, and needs an animation and confirmation click once you select your civ is atrocious. In the old ui it took 2 seconds to pick my civ, and it could be easily switched out multiple times if it’s a teamgame and I’m discussing civs with my teammates still. Now it takes about 10-15 seconds to make a choice, assuming that the animation doesn’t lag, as it is oft to do.

Dev’s please make the new ui optional, and if that isn’t possible at the very least you need to get rid of these slow animations in-between each page. This is like forcing us to play with confirmation delete.


Hahaha, when I saw animation I thought it’s cool but it’s delaying players a lot and nobody loved it. Why developers didn’t add any options on settings like disabling animation, old definitive menu or classic menu?


So the new UI is not only ugly, but also time consuming and laggy?!
Seems like the devs screw up the UI very much.


I think this part can grow on us

But the option to toggle it is certainly a need

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Yeah I agree I dont normally comment much on forums but I find the new UI ugly and unnecessary and hope they implement an option or mod to revert it.
Little things can make a huge difference - least thats what the misses says




To this

These are sad times if this is seen as “progress”