New Minor Civs for South America

It is not to help civilizations, it is to make the natives more accessible.

I may be misremembering but doesn’t the Inca American Allies card give you access to the natives and their technologies?

Reduce the price of upgrades or TP?

Note: Is there really no native that you would like the developers to add?

The inca card gives you an embassy and you can choose 1 native to ally with and then not change, either mapuche, carib or zapotec and you get the unit to train and the techs available to buy.

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In the future river and pantanal maps, should be the option to ally with the Payaguaes, the infamous pirates of the Paraguay river
Their unit, jet another weak and slow land archer but when it gets to water the fun beggins, a quick build animation to have a war canoe, much more hp, stealth in water, fast travel and gain resources when destroying a building in shore (enemy ducks and units)

Yes, another guaykuru language to choose


Jivaro as a major civilization would be a good contribution, it is the only native civilization in North and South America to fight against colonial power and win.

They could also be a civilization that connects directly with “terror”

Idea for the Shuar (Jívaro) semi civ
The Shuar warrior with his nanki (spear) and tantár (shield) has the promotion sistem and increases his damage while near trees (abundant tree map)
His warlock/paje/shaman has an aura to decrease the enemy damage and can train more shuar warriors

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Muisca and Jivaro would be my choices for South America.

Although not exactly natives, Maroons would also work there.

Inuit would also be great for North America.


Thank you very much for your opinions.

I know that there are many native South American civilizations that could fit perfectly as a secondary civilization or even as a major civilization.

I admit that my knowledge about the Jívaros is mainly due to my geography (I was in direct and indirect contact with this people), personal experiences (influence of Blizzard games) and personal tastes (taste for horror and history themes), however , I consider that the Jivaros have enough potential to improve and contribute positively to AoE 3, not only because of their historical achievements but also because they can give more dynamism and variety to the Native American civilizations.

In the same way, I thank you for considering the Jivaros as a minor civilization :smile:


In a past post I propose to make a single umbrella semi civ for all the tupí-guaraní speaking tribes extended since the (atlantic) tupinamba until the (pacific) chiriguana, but it is better to focus on their respective strenghts develop in their distinct places

                         Atlantic side amazonas

The actual Tupi Archer are good but they need their foot shot (siege damage mode) for early harassmet and a jombya (snail horn) active ability; make a lot of noice while charging (melee)
Also, they now can gather wood (slower than a villager)
Remove the cougar pet and add this

Tamói confederation

Delivers a batch of 5 Tupi Archers for each TP you have, train your Tupí Archers % faster (age I)

Lingua geral amazónica

Reveal your enemy buildings and give your buildings a momentary huge line of sight (has a cooldown) (age II)

Poison arrow frogs

Add poison effect only to their own archers, and as long they are gathering wood, gather a smaller amount of food too (age II)

Tupi (rozado) forest burning

Has to do with the eficiency of crops instead of wood discount; give a % increase gathering in states and similar and increase the wood gather speed of your Tupi archers (age III)

                Between Chaco, Pampa and Amazonas

How the TP should look

Guaraní hunter

Same model as the tupi archer but has a shield made from tree bark and tapir skin to effective cover mode, and has a boleadora (cooldown) pasive attack that slow enemy units and do extra damage to cavalry
Also can gather wood (slower than a villager)


Cuñadazgo/marriage alliance

As long as you have the TP, train villagers % faster (age I)

Tape Aviru road

Increase the movement speed of your units near the trading route and arrive your next shipment faster (age II)

Arandu Ka'avy (forestry knowledge)

a small +Hp to all units and slowly heal when near trees, also gives a smaller amount of food while the Guaraní Hunter is gathering wood (age II)

Yerba mate finders

Delivers a travois that converts to a yerba mate grove, assign villagers to gather coin fast, the Guaraní Hunter also gather a small amount of gold when gathering wood (age III)

               Pacific side andean
Keremba (kyre'ỹmba)

Fast shooting archer with a strong passive arcabuz shot (cooldown) wears a poncho or jaguar skin shirt and use a saber for melee (they don’t gather resources)

Tumpa Leader

(limit 1) Archer Hero unit that has a damage boost and movement speed aura, can train jungle bowman that deals poison damage


Chicha Aguyje

Reduce the cost of keremba (and jungle bowman of the Tumpa) for each subsequent in queue (100food, 90food, 80, 70…etc) (age I)

Fearsome rituals propaganda

Reduce the damage of nearby enemy units while fighting in melee (age II)

Vassals sons

; Allow the lombard-like ability to transform food in a period of time for wood and coin, gives a pasive ability to transform enemy villagers below % HP (attacking in melee) (age III)

Bellicose culture

Can train more kerembas (and jungle bowman) in bigger batches, increase the queremba siege damage, slow their train time and reload faster their arcabuz passive shot(age III)


Just focus on the Tamoio Confederation. That should provide enough material for a full fledged civilization.


I was reading trying to figure what could be the better option, and in the begining I though that too, but their time spam is short
When I look at inland, they where rapidly mixing with the colonicers to actually make a only native civ
Then I found it, the ones who stop the colonial grow being a shield to chaco, remain in their captaincy society, adquire guns trading, had many vassals tribes and where the only ones to have a declaration of war by the Spanish Crown and only fell by a modern army until the XIX century (all of this and they didn’t have state goverments) the Chiriguanos
They fought against the Incas, the spanish, the guaykurues, each other, almost eat the Viceroy of Perú and in the Argentina independence they fought for Belgrano
The amount of fight they got is METAL, and I will make a full civ suggestion for them after propose all the guaykurues tribes missing


Guaranis live in Brazil as well, and Quechua (renamed Incas) are also South American. And Caribbeans are also used to represent Arawaks, who live in Brazil.

Agree with both. I’d also add Sakhalin and Kuril Islands maps so there are more places where Ainus could show up.

Kamchatka and Sakhalin could also have Evenkis.

Oh and I’d “promote” Mongols and Tatars to minor civs.


The Toba-qom (third guaykuru)
Maps; Great chaco and river maps
The model is the same as the Charrúas, wears animal skin shirts and use a long spear, with the distinction of the shaved forehead and eyebrowns, also wears necklace of snail shells and hats made of jaguar skin (when full upgrade)
Toba-qom Raider; Slow train and high cost unit, a fast horse raider with long spear reach, can attack with arrows, excepcionally good taking down enemy houses (house, manor house, shrine, torps etc)
Nomads; reduce the time train of the Toba-qom Raider and allow them to train other raiders (age I)
Women’s bracelet fighting technique; Improve the melee damage of your villagers (age I)
Algarrobo (carob tree) recipes; +Hp to the Toba-Qom Raiders and your villagers (age II)
Shore fishing expertice: Toba-qom Raider generates small amounts of food near water (age III)
Grass burning hunting; (big button age I) the huntable animals runs (as if shot) when the Raiders are near them (yes, the purpose is to steal your enemies hunts)

What do you think of this concept for the Charrúas?

Charrúa Stalker: Native rider with the Stealth ability, the Charrúa rode in this peculiar way.

Charrua 2
Charrua 3

It should also be taken into account that the Charrúa were in direct contact with both the Spanish Empire and the Portuguese Empire.


The exciting parts of history tends to flow towards great empires and conquerors. That’s why civs are decided based on historical relevance and not on equal geographical representation. It’s a game based on imperialism and warfare. We aren’t trying to draft a constitution for a real world federal government with fair representation. The history of South America is a blackhole for most of the world’s educational systems and there is a reason for that.

tl;dr yes to Mapuche, no to Argentina, Brazil and Gran Colombia

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Don’t take this the wrong way, but the reality is that civilizations are chosen for company benefits and perhaps with some historical excuse, If Argentina or Brazil guaranteed benefits, they would add them without hesitation.

And what benefit is there to the company for adding Gran Colombia and Argentina? Big AOE3 communities there who would snatch up the DLC based on wanting to choose their home country in a video game?

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I understand the logic behind it, and could have some dodge % passive ability to depict it, but the stealth part sounds more for ambushes than for their fierce charges


The same as with the African, US and Mexican civilizations, money. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I did not know that people only buy civilizations that correspond to their countries. :roll_eyes::unamused:

Out of courtesy, I’m going to ask you to stop diverting the original topic. New Minor Civs for South America

New Minor Civs for South America
I propose that the developers rework the old minor civilizations so that they can compete with the new ones.

I would like to propose new ones, but I think there are people who have proposed all the ones that interest me :laughing:


Oh, I looked them up and they could show up in Patagonia, Gran Chaco, Pampas and Pampas Sierras.

And why would that be wrong?

I’d also like to see a map based on the Cerrado, with Guaraní natives and maned wolf guardians and pets (as part of treasures, getting them through natives is really weird).

I’d also remove the Tupi technology that gives pet Pumas.


Nor can we forget the Tehuelches :smile: