Option to turn off the "youre being attacked" sound


what do you think about adding this option in the gamemenu for players who don’t want to hear the sound of being attacked, so they can turn it off in the option menu?

Let me know what you think.


I’ve asked for a volume control slider for it for years; as well as a ‘how frequent’ do you want to hear it option. For example:

  • “May we have separate audio sliders to adjust the volume of certain ‘loud’ and/or repetitious sounds? For example, the battle horn in AoE2 and 3 are very loud and repetitive, and a few of the units are, similarly, annoyingly loud/frequent (monk conversions and twinkles). Just use your best judgment to give us a few extra sliders you think a fair number of people might want. For battle horn, maybe even (also have) a ‘frequency’ slider so we can adjust how often it sounds (e.g., |infrequent|----|normal|----|frequent|)”

As I stated in my linked comment below: “I’m actually very surprised by how so few people are bothered by the loud and incessant battle horn sounds. Or at least if they are annoyed, nobody ever speaks up.” So, thank you for commenting! I wish more people were bothered by it and would be okay with a lower volume and less frequent sound. Devs could possibly scale the alarm to be less frequent as the match grew longer, since mid- and end-game often becomes a non-stop barrage of attacks anyways. Or make some algorithm to say, "Oh, this player hasn’t been attacked for > 120 seconds, now they were attacked, so let’s make the battle bell/horn sound once and then call it good for a few minutes since they’re probably paying a lot more attention to them being attacked now. I also mention making a visual cue for those who want/need it… as with a visual cue, that can serve as the notification to players who choose a less frequent (or off) battle sound.

And in this thread, I learn that it’s very difficult to modify audio for AoE2:DE. You need to be a borderline audio engineer:

And I threw a comment in at the base of this post… but don’t read, as it’s quite a long post mostly dealing with other stuff:

And have mentioned it in a smattering of other places. I really wish the battle sound ideas could be done, LeadoffAunt3049


Cool! Thanks for the reply, hope it gets updated.

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Oh, me, too, LeadoffAunt3049. It would be so wonderful!

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What does everyone else think about this?

I agree. My wife makes fun of that sound whenever she walks by.

Maybe have a cooldown period (10 seconds?) during which subsequent attack sounds are played at 60% volume. So, the initial attack sound is at full volume. For the next ten seconds any attack sounds are at 60%.

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… Forgive me, but it seems that this is one of the most important sounds in the game. If you don’t want to hear the “WARNING: You are being attacked!” notification - then that (in my opinion) is the same as just playing the game without sound. I don’t know if you have ever tried doing that, but good luck trying to win a game without sound. You would be surprised how often you discover you missed a very important attack against your base where you lose your entire eco when you were distracted by something else.

That being said, if I am playing the game casually, and don’t really care about what is going on in my base, if I’m getting destroyed, then I could see where the constant alert could get annoying. But again at that point, just mute the game and play some nice tunes in the background for the same effect :stuck_out_tongue:

I could see this as being a useful feature to certain people who do want to be notified by sound, but not as frequently or loudly as the standard volume setting. This could be applied as a global notification sound slider to adjust it against the other sounds/music in the game. However, I don’t know how many people actually would use such a feature?


The battle horn really annoys me to. I have actually stopped playing the game, or muted the sound .
Not nice when you have to play without any sound. I hope we will have volume sliders.


That sounds like a good idea, in general… but I’d like “the next two or three minutes” to be quieter, not just 10 seconds.

I’d still prefer and like to have the volume and frequency-of-occurrence sliders, if it has to be one or the other. More flexibility with my approach, and it would have a volume control

Yep, exactly. Is what I’ve suggested for a long while. I hope a lot of people would use it; assuming they were made aware of it.

It would helpful for the menu to briefly play the sound so you can adjust it to your liking.

Find the file and modify it, download the original sounds mod, look for the attack sound, create/modify a silenced file, either you erase all the other sound files or create a separate mod for only that sound easy and simple.

Not having the attack sound in game means equal to losing a lot of your economy or army, in fact it has been a common bug since DE release not displaying the attack soundand signal from time to time, i don’t see why the devs would add such a bad option for everyone, when it can be modded in few minutes.

I think it has been pretty well established that pretty much anything can be modded in this game; hardly new info, but thanks anyways.

Why ask for any feature or improvement if “just go mod it” is the go-to solution for anyone who doesn’t agree with an idea? Civ balances can be modded, so I guess we should stop asking devs for that. New civs can be added by modding, so stop asking devs for that. ‘Display team bonuses in Tech Tree’ can be modded, so don’t ask devs for that. Any QoL improvement can be modded, so don’t ask devs for that. Lol, love how modding is the be-all end-all solution for anyone who disagrees. News flash: If devs ever implement it, you won’t need to use it; just pretend it isn’t there. It will be an option in the Menus that you won’t have to touch or look at.

PS: I’ve modded past versions of this game by lowering volumes of a few sounds, but that was with HD and before; when modding audio was easy. With DE, as I said, you practically need to be an audio engineer or have a lot of free time on your hands to mod any sounds in this game. And you assume I have the audio software decrease the volume now, or the know-how on how to code a frequency slider. But, hey, if it’s easy for you, please feel free to make this mod for us while we continue to wait for a developer-implemented solution that will work in-game and never be made obsolete or screwed up by a future patch. Thanks! Looking forward to the mod, SouMexican! Let us know if you need us to help with testing :slight_smile:

If you really need the battle sound blaring every 2 seconds in mid- and late-game, I’m sorry, I can’t help that. Some people pay enough attention to the map, viewport, and mini-map to know battles are probably happening all over at that point and can navigate around and easily see where skirmishes are going on. I don’t personally need a battle sound reminding me every two seconds. I don’t get amnesia; I can remember that a a loud, annoying battle horn/bell sounded two seconds ago.

The bell sound was changed it is half the annoying it was compared to the original or HD, i could do the mod for you for $ bro

This is really weird topic!!! Deleting the warning sound for being attacekd?!!!


I could pay the devs, too. If they put it in an expansion pack or $1.99 DLC, I’ll buy. How much would you charge?

A few more exclamation marks, please :smiley:

I prefer volume adjuster and frequency adjuster, as opposed to turning off completely. But, since the frequency slider would be there, I see nothing wrong with turning it down to zero but giving visual feedback of attacks.

Deaf players could use the implementation of a visual cue for when being attacked, I bet.

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Well if this seems good to you i don’t mind, if it will be an option just do what it will be good for you, but i was talking in general and in my persprctive, the sound warning is way better than to be a visual warning in the map without sound since you will be busy in many thing to look at the map every second


I actually wish for the option to have only this sound… It’s the only useful one! Maybe conversion too. In any case, sliders for all the notification sounds would be amazing.


To achieve what you want, if there were volume sliders for all this stuff, you could crank the battle sound and conversion sound up and lower everything else, in theory, if implemented correctly.

Yeah, conversions (if you’re referring to monks) is another sound that I modded the volume of to be lower in AoE2:HD. I wouldn’t be opposed to a separate volume slider for this, too, and have mentioned it before – but didn’t want to cloud this “you’re being attacked” sound thread or try to push my luck :wink:

I’m in favor of empowering players so they can customize their experience for optimal enjoyment; within reason. You know, toss in a handful of nuanced options to fine-tune things :smiley: I’ve long felt having another volume slider or two in games besides “Main” and “Music” would be nice.

AoE probably goes above and beyond with the number of options available, which is appreciated. A few more regarding audio would be amazing!

All that said, I’m curious… does the current attack sound’s volume, style/composition, or frequency of occurrence not bother you? You’re totally cool with it? If so, my hat goes off to you… I don’t know how you do it :cowboy_hat_face:

Well, my solution belies the problem… I have all sounds at like 5% volume in an attempt to only hear the annoying trumpet and nothing else :sweat_smile:

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Hahaha, that’s awesome :sweat_smile:
Sadly, I enjoy a lot of the other other sounds and music, so am unable to enjoy this audio utopia you experience :smiley:

The music volume is independent of general sound volume.

This petition is a really special one, too much hard work for a dev when we have too many issues and can be fixed with a simple work of 10 mins doing mod by the community, there should be a mod petitions forums.