Standardize games to 30 minutes

an improvement in the idea of ​​resuming, of time, of sacred places (they are also restarted)

What a boring proposal

Your proposal is entirely personal

In fact, forty minutes is not much different from thirty minutes


After banning walls in feudal age, now walls and keeps will be banned throughout the game, that won’t cause endless games

Well when they were practicing with those rules yesterday they still had an hour long game…

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because to put it simply, this was never the issue, meta being strictly boom and weak aggression, as well as overwhelming majority of map pool being closed maps meanwhile is, also devs have to add some sort of tech to reduce the ludicris training times on units and research times on techs, it just takes too long on unit training especially, giving competitively focused feedback for a change as i doubt it’ll be considered otherwise

I’d still like to see Dark Age removed. Just add more tech levels to Imp and let us praise that Dev decision.

then its no longer an age game

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It doesn’t have Age upgrades, it has landmarks.

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To discourage the cheap (producing 150+ villagers) and defensive “Meta Boom” with Keeps spamming, I’d like the Keep to have a population cost of 2; For example, 4 keeps are 8 population less than population, which I suppose will be sacrificed from villagers, not from the army. As background, the factory is an aoe2 building that costs population.


same thing in function, different look because you still spend typical upgrade cost to then place the landmark

Sorry but, AoE4 isn’t exciting enough to warrant a small number of units. The wow factor isn’t that there is a wizard casting spells or a sandworm eating a clump of units, but rather, seeing armies clash against each other. Each individual unit in the game is rather tame, so having a low population cap just doesn’t sound all that fun.

The Feitoria is meant to be an economic investment and thus costs villagers–they are actually worse than the villagers that they replace, but become better late-game when those resources become scarse. The keep on the other hand does not serve that function at all, so it is a jarring conclusion to suggest that they’d replace villagers.

It’d likely act counterintuitively to how you’d think it would. This would slow down games instead of speeding them up, as breaching walls or deathballing armies doesn’t become easier without keeps. The strategic usage of resources like stone can be a deciding factor in how you can best utilize the Keep to give you an edge. You could of course turtle with them, but they’re not all that great for that.

The irony is that, the game you’re comparing to (AoE2) has keeps that act as a much greater deterrant than in AoE4, yet you don’t see that mechanic there either. Keeps in AoE4 are rather weak and easily dealt with, often resulting in whoever goes out of stone first losing critical territory for good.

All the things you’re asking for sound reminiscant of Age of Mythology. I recommend you give it a try, it is old but it holds up really well.


here I propose more population

here I show the excess of villagers

the walls are weak in imperial because the cannons have a lot of damage, not in castles the trebuchet has low dps, please make arguments with data

For this reason it is that the landmark must be repaired with stone and must pause the sacred places

but happy with all the other games, without stone walls, they have not exceeded 30 min

Holy places should only reset when they are all lost, otherwise it should just pause their counter.

Dude, the game is fine. Beasty made a video related to this where he shows his average time and other pro players and its all below 30min. THIS NEEDS TO STOP - YouTube

Also there is nothing wrong with games lasting longer, it’s the way the game works. Have you ever thought that some people may actually enjoy longer games? You are asking for some ridiculous changes just based on your personal opinion, not everyone wants to rush every single game.

Also nerfing keeps may even have an opposite effect than intended and make games last even longer because no one will want to leave their base and go out on the map or they risk having their landmarks sniped or their whole eco destroyed.

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average players have long games and will continue to be long, and they are the majority of the ladder, changes in the top level do not affect average games

So what?

The game is balanced and fun to play. You make it sound like every single game is a 1h game when even the graph you posted shows a healthy distribution of game length, some are short, some are long and that is fine. If you dont like it then feel free to play an rts that lasts 10min per game.


The graph that I show is of average players, that is not going to change, I am not trying to change that, I already mentioned it before, the matches of average elo will continue to be long, any change that I propose will affect tournaments, it will not affect your Elo

that graph shows that >50% of games end in under 30 minutes
and >75% in under 40 minutes


Some people won’t stop until the game is like their own private server that caters to their niche desires.