Why the (online) interface of DE should be improved

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Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, more than one year later. To start: it may be said that it’s very valuable and pleasant of Microsoft that DE still gets so much support and love. The official devs try to make us happy with roughly one patch per month, and that’s awesome, whether you agree with the changes or not. However, while I’m sure that the balance aspect of the game will keep having everyone’s attention, I do have to say that I’m quite upset to see barely any (online) interface/menu improvements. In this case, I’m mainly talking about the online aspect and the overall menu interface. Why is this important? First impression, usability and (nostalgic) feeling of this game are crucial and always part of the game. It makes the game popular and gets people returning and playing again and again.

Let’s take a look at ESO. The place where we previously met, chat and shared our time together. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Outdated? Yeah. But characteristic? Cozy? Sociable? In the end, ESO worked and we loved it! :smiley:

Now, let’s take a look (below) at the online interface the Definitive Edition uses. I do have to say that, of course, I appreciate the effort the devs put into making the “new” multiplayer interface, but I hope they are starting to see and realize that the new interface comes nowhere close to the reason we used and loved ESO. The new multiplayer lacks characteristic, the social aspect and most important: overview. Also… Important features are missing. Why isn’t it possible to view who’s online and who’s not? Why is it not possible to see who’s in-game? Why is it not possible to do something else while waiting for a game in quick search? Why is there a bigger threshold to whisper someone than on ESO? What I’d like to see is a social online interface with overview and additional features like a ranking & award system, on front friend list, easy to find other players, online/in-game statuses, ladders, clans and many chat options. Basically, a more updated and modern version of ESO.

I’ve not been the only one posting about it. I’d invite you to (re)read this thread: viewtopic.php?f=982&t=21742 A guy called Arc_gu1ll3_sp clearly explains why we love ESO and focuses on some great options in the ESO interface.

Why is (or was :frowning:) AOE3 multiplayer so great. In ESO one copy or CD key of the game is linked to one unique player account. That is your account, people know you by it and you know people by theirs. You get to know players, what civs they are good with, how they like to lame or not and so on.

Let’s continue with how easy ESO makes it to be aware of who is online, what they are doing and interacting with fellow players. Chatting, finding games, inviting to games or clans or getting info from any existing account is super easy and straightforward. Your list of friends is visible no matter in what tab of ESO you are, even if you are in a game room. There is a green circle if they are online, red if they are offline and a AOE3 symbol if they are online and playing. You can chat, check the profile or invite to a game in just 2 clicks on any of the names in your list.

I want to focus specifically on the multiplayer “social side”, which is the main reason for me (and probably for many) for loving AOE3 multiplayer.

Last but not least… (We are talking about the UI’s and interfaces anyway :stuck_out_tongue:) Here, on the official forums someone posted some community-made rework suggestions of a new in-game menu. What do we think about it? Look at the suggestion and current situation below. I’m not saying we should exactly copy this interface, but look at the additional potential features! A queued game, friend list, news/updates, rankings, etc. All on the front! Should we want something like this? I’d like to hear your opinion!

Post your opinion about ESO and the DE online interface below and tell about your preferences and what you’re missing! Do you also have examples from other (online) games? ! I’d also really appreciate if the devs would take time looking into this and perhaps, improve the online interface, making it less anti-social and use the good features of ESO.

Want to read more about the potential new interface? Watch this thread: New UI and features ideas - #26 by BonnyMountain91

Original thread: Why the (online) interface of DE should be improved - ESOCommunity


Just a handful of interesting opinions in the thread about the DE interface on the ESOCommunity forum. (Why the (online) interface of DE should be improved - ESOCommunity)


This is what I look forward to a major patch. The redesign of the main menu and the multiplayer lobby. Please devs we love you, check this post out and hopefully we get a new UI/UX experience.


Yep most of the inferior multiple lobby UI killed DE for me. The browser and lobbies in DE feel so cold and lifeless. When you log into ESO it feels like… I’m home.

All great points, OP.

Why didn’t Bert “Derp” Beckman just copy the old ESO? We may never know.


It would be nice if could access the forums from within the game and show the topics that are active in a pop-up window or something like that. That would encourage people to participate more in the forums. Links where patches and betas and all kinds of news are notified.

Historical facts and curiosities like those shown on the ESO page.

Show how many people are in classified mode, and how many of your level are searching or playing games. This could motivate people to play ranked more frequently.

Someone once mentioned that mercenaries in a game will be notified on the pre-game loading screen. It would be useful to know if you consider using mersenarios or not.


I think Beckman (FE) is on AOE 2 DE while Tantalus Media is the one more focused on AOE 3 DE. All AoE games have bad UI menu and lobbies. I hope with lots of great suggestion threads here in the forums they do something about the menu and UI/UX experience for all their games.


It would also be good to know how many xbox there are online.

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FE is at least half the developers on AOE3.

Seen by @fe_dev_team ? :wink:

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Based on the responses I’ve seen them make in the discord, I’m convinced that they do in fact read most community posts. They just prefer discord over the forum and reddit for whatever reason.

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The priority should be the official forums.

The people who post here tend to do very elaborate research, with great ideas. Which takes more time than a simple Discord conversation.


Recently started playing AOE3 DE again
I used to play legacy a lot but then switched over to AOE2DE because of hackers/cheaters
After playing for some time now, I was about to post a similar thread…thankfully this topic already popped up

The current multiplayer UI is an absolute downgrade from ESO. The first thing you see when opening the multiplayer are 3 large buttons that cover my entire screen. Im asked if i want to play ranked or browse for a game.
No, the first thing I would like to see is, if any of my friends are online, what they are up to and if they are ingame.
Why on earth is everything hidden in the top right corner? I feel extremly separated from the community. There is no way to quickly add people to the friends list or communicate without having to click through multiple buttons to see the chat function.
90% of the games i had are just people playing without communicating.
Aoe3DE feels cold and empty.
Please put back the legacy UI


I couldn’t agree more!



So when is this happening!? @fe_dev_team


I would to hear an update on this as well! @fe_dev_team
Every patch I look for an update at the end about “upcoming things” but never see any mention of the interface or friends list. Please make this a priority! I beg that this happens before the game loses support. We love the game and thanks for the hard work.


Exactly. Are we actually posting in a section the Devs do look at?

Yes I am not very social in general and don’t engage alot of friends in the game. I don’t have time for that. I just show up play and go away. That said I agree. The game is fantastic but when you want to look for someone or communicate it really is terrible. The times I want to interact usually don’t work out. There are players I want to find but can’t.

The original setup was great. It should be brought back.


And despite being a newer and updated version. the Buttons on the DE feel laggy and sticky.

Just like the Flare in DE feel so laggy vs Flare in Legacy.


Age of 3 De is classic for me but What O dont like is its user interface. This game deserves better UI. I hope devs change it.:slight_smile:


they never responded wtf
its been 2 months now and i havent touched aoe3de becaus eit is unplayable with this UI
and the devs dont even respond…

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