36th civilization?


Can we expect to see a new civilization in the anniversary of AoE2 DE to fill the last empty slot, just one more…?


Yes, i have the same obsulsive compulsive disorder symptom!

I would like a new faction with the indian architecture set (because indians are the only one civ with that)


Haha seems like a good enough reason for a new civ to me!

I would be ok with another Indian civ, maybe one with BE since everyone seems to need that :joy: if we are lucky enough to get one more, I’d think african or Asian makes sense. :blush:


Probably not. I also dont feel any need for more civs anymore.

Everytime I open civilizations tab I hate that gap. And I can’t think any civ to fill that.

I wouldn’t mind one more civ (Georgians? Poles? Armenians? Siam/Thai? Bantus? You know, the reasonable nations that people suggest on the many threads of new civs)…
Because that empty space disturbs me every time I pick a civ.

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Quite a lot of people here and outside of this community would love to see new civs. I would not at all mind to pay for that.

A new expansion would be very exciting.

Isn’t dev already mentioned this that they are not going to add more civ or expansion into AOE2DE? :sweat_smile:

What part of “definitive edition” don’t you understand :sweat_smile:

JK, would love another civ too, but dont get your hopes too high. Maybe if AoE4 fails ?

Yep new civ would be cool.


Finns :finland:
Focus on foot units and building.
UU1: Ukko: Male, Short ranged fast footed bowman capable of building military unit buildings (castle age Archery range). (No CA available to civ)
UU2: Akka: Female, Weaker Pikeman but capable of gathering resources and building resource gathering buildings (Castle)
UT1: Autonomy: All techonologies research 50% faster
UT2: Reinforcements: Economy buildings destroyed by enemy spawn Akkas, military buildings Ukkos

Civ bonuses:

  • All military units and economic upgrades cost 15% less food
  • First blacksmith is free to build
  • Foot military units and rams move 5%/10% faster on Castle/Imperial age (Squires still available)

Team bonus: Builders work 10% faster



play as GAIA without cheat codes

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Kingdom of Georgia
: Infantry and Monk Civilization :georgia:

UU1: Metsikhovne Spearmen (heavy infantry) - trained at barracks, available from Castle Age. Higher attack, HP and armor than spearman line. Anti-light infantry and anti-cavalry. Costs wood and gold.

UU2: Tadzreuli Knight (heavy infantry) - Georgian Knight Templars, trained in castle; high HP, m/p armor, movement speed; good attack (not as strong as Teutonic knights). Low chance of converting an enemy unit while fighting

UT1: Sak’ivchak’o - Decreases cost of all military units.

UT2: -

Civ bonuses:

  • Light cavalry and cavalry archers trained faster
  • Heavy infantry and monks move +15% faster
  • All units resist conversion

Team bonus: Monks and Missionaries convert units 20% faster

Wonder: Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Campaign: Something to do with Timur/Mongols whatever

Other info: Georgia had to bear the full force of the Muslim and nomadic invaders, and fought many battles against the Seljuks

Did you ever looked to the already existing bonuses?? because a lot already are in game, let’s see:

Cumans’ Steppe Husbandry says hi

Just make monks move 20% faster but remove fervor, and why heavy infantry when Celts already have fast moving infantry.

Literally the Teutons’ team bonus

Esentially the Spanish Inquisition and is way too unreasoanbly strong as team bonus.

Not that bad but then you have already Portuguese and Koreans as well several other civs with discount on military units.

And that’s not counting about those UUs:

Light infantry doesn’t exist in AOE2 as unit type like AOE3 11, and is like weird and odd designed unit.

Not doable for AOE2 modding as far I know and wtf is literally a weaker Teutonic Knight.

before crafting civs you shoud look at what bonuses and UUs concepts are still unused.


Bro it was so cringe seeing all the errors in your responses, I’ll address them later

Yeah, more civs will make game a little wierd maybe and confusing. Already some civs are looking pretty close to existing ones. If new ones are added they shouldn’t be combination of existing ones, make it a lot different. Otherwise new civs won’t have independent identity. Also no change is allowed to game mechanic. This is tough. So new civs coming out will be slow, which is fair, looking at the situation.

Taking a look at existing bonuses it feels like nothing is left.

Tibetans. That will fill the geographical gap between Chinese, Mongols and Indians.


How do you design the civ So that player doesn’t feel Tibetans = Chinese + Mongols + Indians when playing them.

Tibetan - a monk and cavalry civilisation, good herding ability and building hitpoint bonus. Monk and a cavalry unique units. Poor archer and navy but good infantry and monastery and trade bonuses (as a Silk Road civilisation).

Maybe a special team bonus if Tibetans are allied with Indians (Buddhist connection), Chinese (Tang and Yuan dynasty links) and Mongols (Khans connection).

My civ boni list:

Other civ boni:

My civ concepts:

Haudenosaunee (Iroquois)/Mississippi (changed the first boni into mobile drop-off sites in the mean time (Travois)):



I think that it is set in stone that there are no more civilizations, that will be added - thus DEFINITIVE edition.
However, that missing last spot in the table is so irritating…
If they only change its overlay to 5 columns, people wouldn’t even think about new civilizations :smiley: