Evidence how badly report system works

There is very huge problem in TG right now. (game crashers/aka dropers/leavers)

We all know it and we all had to face with it. It completely ruins ours game experience and there is nothing we can do about it? Or can we?

Here is our most famous example. We all know him. There are like 5 posts already on this forum related to him.
He had to be reported many many times (Including by me) not only there on forum but of course by official support report website. There is nothing to investigate - one look into his playercard and everything is clear - Time to recognize if such a player should be banned - approximately 10 seconds)

We all have to realize that this guy is only tip of the iceberg. And more than 90% of such a cancer-players are hidden to us (partly thanks to epic-in game feature hide match history :slight_smile: )

And here we come into my POINT.

This guy who should be considered to be a king of all cheaters/crashers was still not banned yet.
Yes even after so many reports in last 3 days this guy keeps playing and ruining other players games :slight_smile:

If this is the way how you face to this worst behaviour RELIC than thats it from me.

(Yes I even asked support how it is possible he was not perma banned yet and why does it takes so long)

I watched his replay with only defeat in his last ± 30 matches and he dropped 10 mins before game ends and replay ends here as well.
(Probably game-crashing did not work as intended in this one game)

After another 8hours he managed to ruin another 5 games btw.

Still untouched/not banned

It’s useless to type cover his name. I want to say that everyone in this forum knows who he is.just show his name.

Post will be deleted If a didnt cover his name.
But yeah everybody knows him.

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what’s his name actually? So one can drop the game directly when playing against him. At least he wouldn’t ruin games and time by dropping if things don’t go as HE wishes and he can have a taste of his own medicine.

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No result happened on my very first 1v1, at the very bottom of the game, right after I had trashed his army and was at his base with rams.

The timing made me think he cheesed it somehow, but I didn’t know what caused a “No result”, and whether that could be cheesed, so…

I didn’t see many people complaining about it though, so I thought that it probably wasn’t something that could be cheesed…

Doubt it was the same player, but still pretty demotivating to have a win taken away on your first game lol

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After next 12 hours he cheated in another 5 games
1 win + 4 no results

Still not banned :slight_smile:

My God this is just embarrassing.

  • Worst part of it is fact he has high ELO (1400+) because he never lose a game …
    So he ruins high-celo games mostly :slight_smile:

This just comnfirmed me my personal opinion.

Relic employees are slown clowns who does not even care about community … (in Roblox of course! - in Roblox)

In last 10 hours this guy ruined another 5 games.

Its still only one drop in the ocean.

I expect this threat to continue for another x-months.

Just want to show you all their incompetence in most easiest and most important task to do.

Still not solved btw. - He ruined another ± 10 games since my last post.
He reached high CELO already so all TOP100 tg players BEWARE OF THIS GUY and try to avoid him by alt+f4 OR better solution is to switch into single player when match is found and u see his name.

Still not ban … Am really disgusted by your approach toward this @LELIC

its just and only shame on your account and you show to all of us you dont give a sh*** about fair and healtry gameplay.

King of all cheaters not baned even after month? Oh I wonder how long is this gonna take in others cases.

Now we should all asked ourself why are people so triggered and numbers are dropping when even the most crucial aspect of every game - a FAIR GAME is not accomplished in this game.

I know why he is unbanned. You painted his name. :astonished:

He was reported even trough official report-system more than 20x times (including by me twice)

I would claim he is most-reported player from entire game tbh. - But he is not baned yet :slight_smile:

just joke.
But let us see his name. no idea why u painted it.
I would like to know and altf4 before game starts.

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It’s against the Code of Conduct to call out player by their name.


  • Call out other players in threads. If you have an issue, take it to PMs or contact us directly at AoESupport@microsoft.com.

Years because devs don’t care.

Quick note:

I met him today in 4v4 in my team

I started to ask him why he does it and he responded in a way that NOBODY CARES and I am a child and he can do whatever he wants

Well it is good we can see a chat history in replay right? :slight_smile: Another epic missing feature btw.

After that game in like 2 mins he FINALLY hided his match history …

So this is how our story about this guy conntinue :slight_smile:

Do you realy expect them to ban playing player’s? :smirk:

They are the one who keep the game alive.:open_mouth:

We should encourage player’s to keep the comotion up, so that normal play become exceptionnel.:astonished:

Many games ban playing players because their toxic behavior negatively affects the playerbase and losing a single other player is equal to losing a bad player, and the toxic player has the effect of causing more than one player to leave the game over time.