Feature request: Alt/Ctrl+Right Clicking pathing system as a toggleable option for "go to" command

I like using Alt+Mouse 2 (in some cases it is Ctrl+Mouse 2) a lot when managing units and small armies. Would be really nice if this was added to improve overall path finding.

Of course, if it was optional, that would be even better! A toggleable checkbox for it in the game settings would be awesome.


Opinions on this feature would be nice. Since it would be optional, it shouldn’t cause any issues to people used to the old way of path finding.

In my case, I didn’t know what Alt(or Ctrl)+Secondary click was until some months ago, when watching a video review on the game. I also think many people does not know about this way to change the AI behavior, newcomers + casual players, mostly.

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The more I play, the more I realize how much we need this feature.

Some units require Ctrl+Right Click instead, and that makes the micro management frustrating to some extent, considering Alt+Right Click is generally the default hotkey for shorting distances between units.

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After putting some hours into AoE2:DE, I noticed that the AI uses a path finding method similar to that of AoE1:DE when using the Alt/Ctrl + secondary click, which is pretty cool, considering it woulnd’t be difficult to make it the default one in this game IMO.

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Default pathing:

Suggested pathing:

As you can see, Alt/Ctrl+Secondary Click path finding acts similar to that of Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition. This small change would make for a big game improvement!


Of course if this happens alt+right click has to become the move in formation hotkey instead.

There is also the question if this could lead to the stuck units bug happening more frequently.

Ps. You speak as if they fixed the pathfinding in Age2DE? Did they? HD and AoK/C was awful due to the formations taking priority over following orders.

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Yes, this would be nice. Since it’s too stiff by default, and not desired most of the time.

Yeah, that’s another thing that needs solving. I’d like the hitboxes to be somehow similar to those of AoE2:DE, that allow for more fluid movements.

I know the path finding there is not perfect either, but it’s still superior to the one here, no doubt.

Idea would be to not have to press Alt/Ctrl+Right Click everytime we want to manage units in tight spaces, or form them as close them as possible. Since we don’t have formations, this would help a lot.

A toggleable option within game settings like “new pathfinding” or “disable legacy pathfinding” would be awesome. Please devs! :worried:

The game’s not bad, it just needs some quality of life treatment :neutral_face:


I don’t know why this isn’t getting enough attention. Clearly path finding is an issue, considering we don’t have formations.

I hope developers do something about the way units move in groups, since the standard movement isn’t polished enough. I want the suggested path instead of the current one, but I like being able to choose between the two. The more options there are, the better it is for players.

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This is still relevant in build 46777

Units selected are hard to assemble, as in the original game. I hope not so long in time, @fe_dev_team implements the alternative pathfinding system, replacing the current one (specially since the game doesn’t have formations).

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Yes, I noticed it too, coming from AoE II DE. I would like to see it in AoE I DE too. And I think they implemented the same improvement to villagers’ movement, in AoE II DE, somewhere in 2020.

PS: I also terribly need command queue to be added.


You are not alone, many of us want waypoints to be fixed.

Indeed. command queue is a must for any RTS game. Also i agree with alt+click to become default clicking ( or as an option ).

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