Gate bug

Simply put, my units won’t pathfind through gates properly unless I put waypoints through them close together. This can quickly become an annoyance. And this persists after deleting the gates if you click far enough from the walls. And it doesn’t appear to be completely consistent, as sometimes they won’t figure out a way to the other side of the gate at all, while sometimes the units follow the wall to the closest point to where you ordered them to go before pathfinding the shortest route through a gate.

Hell, even ordering some units that’s currently walking through a gate to turn around and go back to where they came will make them continue outside, and do like I described above and follow the wall to the closest spot before turning back to the gate.

You can delete a gate, and put units right by where the gate was, and click outside the walls far enough away, and rather than walking through the big gaping opening in the wall, they walk along the walls to the point closest to where you told them to go that’s inside. The same with walls.

I first assumed this was related to only the “Bohemond in the East” mission, but it appears this is the case for any mission where you take over the walls and gates of another AI player.
I guess FE messed up again. Typical. Trying to fix one little exploit that most people won’t be able to pull of and ending up adding some really annoying bugs.


I am impressed that no one else has adressed this!

Well, I suppose no one complained here because they complained already elsewhere.

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It is in any mission now xD

Well… I’m just blind :stuck_out_tongue: .

In a post by @BassiAoC, a gentleman complained that the Cuman player never attacked. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so I explained the bug.

So I can say that the developers know about this.

Ooo… You got a Link?

I recently made a post in the “Bug report” section of the forum for AoE2DE (I suggest to move your topic there too).

In particular, I found that problem in the fourth mission of the Hautevilles, where you have to defend from a siege and you have a lot of walls and gates. The proble occurs even with just gaps in the gates.

However, I personally foud that problem only in that specific mission, and I didn’t find it in other missions or online.

I am pretty sure I posted this in bug report section first, but it got moved for some reason, as this is clearly a bug.

And if you read the post, the mission I mentioned is “Bohemond in the East” which is where I noticed this first, which is the fourth Hautevilles mission. It’s annoying. Not that it’s very hard mission overall.

The reason you find it in specific missions and never online is because like I explained in my post, it’s related to taking over the walls and gates from an AI player, which happens in certain missions, like at the beginning of “Bohemmond in the East” if you pay attention as soon as the mission starts.

It happened also to me in Dracula 3 and in a custom campaign: units simply cannot pass beyond gates, even if you delete them. Very annoying.

And it is the result of FE trying to fix a small exploit where you can trap units inside a single gate, which would be pretty hard to pull of overall, which lead to a fix that introduced this issue.