If you could include new mechanics, features or functions in AOE-3, what would you implement?

Indeed. It says the name of the upgrades, but not their respective descriptions of the units and upgrades.

The cannon unit which they can get.


It really is the haundesaunee cannon, and they only can get them once, but yes.

I came up with something, that maybe is not very necessary and is something weird, but i think it could be good if we could send decks, like, if i have a friend in the game and he is new to the game, or simply i just want to share a decks with him because he doesn´t know the civ, i could send him a copy of my deck, and he can decide if he accepts it or rejects it, and if he accepts it then it would be added in their list of decks with the same name and everything, that way i don´t have to tell him what cards to put in and other stuff, just like: “Here, try this” and it appears already in his list and he accepts it and he already has my deck xd, don´t know what you think of it guys, i just came up with that by this post, and i know is not needed, but could be good.


I think you can copy a players deck if you are playing in the same game.

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It would also be nice to be able to filter the cards according to their function:

Military upgrade cards.
Economic improvement cards.
Cards of military units.
Economic units cards.
Supply cards.
Mercenary or native unit cards.
Naval Cards (Ships or Naval Upgrades)
Edifices cards. (Improvements or buildings)
Mixed cards. (Different things at the same time).
Treaty cards.
Infinite cards.
Team cards.
Specific cards (such as consulate cards)

It would also be good if the cards were arranged in a subcategory tree as they were in the legacy game, in case of looking for them by the respective buildings of the metropolis:


Que tal un sistema de guerra mundial, parecido al de BFME II TLK


Construye unidades durante una batalla en tiempo real y llévalas contigo por el mundo.
Acumula riquezas con centros urbanos y fortalezas para reclutar unidades y construir edificios en le mapa estratégico.
Visita Todos los territorios y mapas del mundo.
Incluye unidades de asedio, unidades de apoyo y un ejercito con un líder en el mapa.

Reglas de Victoria

Asalto a la capital
Dominación Mundial: 20
Dominación Mundial: 30
Dominación Mundial: 40
Dominación Mundial: Todo


Es un mapa “global” fragmentado tanto en territorios como en mapas del juego
Jugar los mapas en tiempo real es opcional

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Otra cosa interesante del BFME II TLK que se podría implementar es la capacidad de las unidades para subir de nivel

Nivel 1

Esto podría fomentar el uso de unidades que pueden curar.(Doctores y sacerdotes)

Nivel 5

Cada nivel podría dar un 2% de salud y daño
Nivel 1 + 2% de salud y daño
Nivel 5 + 10% de salud y daño

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Esto es mas una cuestión estética pero también me gustaría el sistema de formación de BFME II TLK

Selector de Formaciones


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For the Colosseum game mode, all this of formations and leveling up your army would be good.

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Por ultimo algo que creo que seria útil es el sistema de Murallas.

Murallas con torres y mas

Puertas secretas
Cañones defensivos
Torres de muralla

Una verdadera defensa de ciudad pero solo cerca del centro urbano y lejos de los edificios enemigos.

Muros y montañas

Muros y riscos

Además los muros podrían conectarse a las montañas y los riscos.

I want to skip intro and run the game direct to MAIN MENU
I don’t to watch that cinematic in the beginning, the game takes so much time to get into Menu since last update. 5 gb of RAM of my 8gb RAM machine is ridiculous. I need an option like Aoe1 to SKIPINTRO on Steam game settings


Gracias, yo creo que también podría seria una excusa perfecta para usar a los sacerdotes de las iglesias o nuevas habilidades para los exploradores.

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I think this deserves its own forum because I think it is a more technical concept.
Many of us would like to be able to disable cinematics in the menu and get straight to the point. (It’s a good introduction, but we’ve already seen it a million times)

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Sorry but i want to play the game and i cannot this time
It consumes less RAM when I start a match but until there… its a pain

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I don’t think it would be a good idea, we would confuse with the TP already built and would try to make some researches until getting used to it. Maybe one or two unique native techs below description :thinking:

I think we should have “arcade matchmaking” from time to time. Every month or so we’d change the rules:
Things like: premade decks, some staple cards removed, legacy civs only, euro civs only, blind civs, your opponent picks your civ…etc

  1. Or use only pillars at the beginning and end of the wall, and when building a door.

I don’t know why this hasn’t been added yet. Age of empires 2: DE has this very same mechanics. :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


… Or random civilization and separate ranking points for each civilization, just like SC-2 does

Madera para todos

Se que esto es mas una reinvención de una mecánica existente.

Quiero esto en la edad industrial y para todas las civilizaciones.

Un envió infinito de plantación de arboles en la edad industrial.
Útil para tratado y FFA

Corrales y Ganado

Creo que el ganado podría generar algo de oro mientras engorda.
Todo el ganado tiene una forma de generar oro.

Ovejas. Lana
Llamas. Lana
Pollos. huevos
Vacas. Leche
Cabras. Leche