List of unfixed bugs

Performance issue needs adding to the list.

Frame rate drops to 2-4 when playing a multiplayer match (primarily effects the game host) and there’s fighting on going.
Even if it’s 2 players controlling the same colour vs 2 AI, severe frame rate issue.

Single player works fine, so it’s something server based I believe and has gotten severely worse after the last 1-2 updates.

I updated the list for now. Anyone noticed any major new bugs in the latest patch?

I can’t install any mods. Support says it’s being tracked but I can’t see it in your list. Cheers!

This issue is long overdue. The buttons aren’t responsive without visual feedback.

Not sure exactly when this started again but sometime over the past couple updates, the problem of villagers or other units just stopping what they are doing has gone through the roof. Any long game I play now I have to constantly get lumberjacks to start chopping again because more and more start standing around holding various amounts of wood, like they just stopped chopping for some reason. I thought I saw a patch note saying this was fixed, and if so, it clearly wasn’t.

Same for builders… They just stop building for no apparent reason. Usually when something is in the way. They used to start building when whatever moved, but they don’t do that anymore.

Another issue is that I am unable to build in certain spots for no discernible reason. It just shows it in red like I was trying to build over another object, but there is nothing there. No elevation, no obstructions, nothing.

Overall a lot of QoL-affecting bugs have sprung up the past few updates. Hope something is being done to address this.

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When I want to chat the game started freezing few updates ago. I can chat a bit, but after few times the game freezes. Happens ingame. Other people with the same issue?
It is really annoying!!! please help!

Hello, i’m not sure if this is a bug, but it seems like it, when i try to use the “Modify attribute” in the scenario editor, it doesn’t work, i’m trying to modify a Photon Man’s rate of fire and it still fires as slow as it usually does, i tried modifying other attributes such as attack, range, speed, and defense, still nothing. The trigger is assigned to player 1, the unit is selected on the dropdown menus, i tried assigning, sum, substract, divide, and multiplying the attribute and nothing.

Add this bug to the list please:

Banned maps do not appear in team game

I guess this has been fixed, since Stables, Barracks and Archery Ranges have a 2nd page.

Biggest one: Poenari Castle, where the range indicator plays Ouija with your brain.

Similar to previous, this has been fixed too.

Can confirm, not fixed


I have been digging up a lot of things, and I have found some good dataset bugs:

  1. Melee Rathas do not benefit from the Tatar team bonus (which may seem correct, but Melee Rathas get LoS boost from Fletching, so except combat Melee and Ranged Rathas should be identical).

  2. War Wagons do not have a defined attack vs Spearmen. This prevents them from utilising Parthian Tactics.

  3. Battering Rams (not Capped or Siege Rams) cannot be modified using triggers. (I found this in an old version, could anyone confirm?)

  4. Leitis work weird with Wootz Steel. They already have the armor ignoring property, so instead of gaining Armor ignoring property with Wootz Steel, they lose the armor ignoring property and instead gain resist armor ignoring property.

  5. Implementation of Recurve Bow for hero units could be better. It’s a mixed bag like old Parthian Tactics.

  6. Viking Transport Ships are cheaper for no reason, unless they consider Transport Ships as “War”-ships, which they are not considered in any other situation.

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Pretty sure they count for idle military, so I think they are actually classed as a kind of warship, but maybe not the same type as all the other true combat warships.

But monks which can actually influence a battle are considered civilian units. AoE2 is weird 11

because the effect is using attribute change instead of set, which adds value.

ignoring armor is value of 1, if attribute change which is +1 (could very well be what wootzsteel is) then 1+1 = 2 so becomes resist armor ignore property which is what siege units have.

the game isn’t meant to mix techs together, so to do them you’d have to look at how its done rather than just copy/paste effect.

If it sets it to 1, Obuch will lose their special ability

you can use 1+4 = 5, which unit will gain both bypass armor and reduce armor at the sametime

As of the latest update (June 2022), Modify Attribute has no effect when it comes to changing any unit’s attack or armor.

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Don’t forget this problem. Magyar Huszar’s image is incomplete until today! :angry:

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Banned maps in team games will sometimes become “unbanned” between games. This means a map that has banned will still be able to get picked. The Team Game bans tab will still say "Team RM (1/1 Bans), but the map itself will no longer have an ‘X’ over it, and you will need to unselect, and reselect the map to ban it again.

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When premade with friends, you can only see which map the host star but cannot see which ban he ban


I discovered the problem with the search treason button, it only shows enemy kings in the imperial age, is this normal or is it a bug?

I’m Brazilian, I don’t speak English, I sometimes use google translator.

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