Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Denmark–Norway Kindom pls devs

I would love to see these two civs in the game, I’ve been waiting for this since 2006 and I don’t think I’m the only one.
So I humbly come here to ask for it :smiley:
Eastern Europe doesn’t even have a large representative within the game, and the Scandinavians only have Sweden as a representative.
I know that Asia and Central Asia (Middle East) also need in-game civ.
As well as Amercia lanina (especially South America)
But the PLC and Denmark–Norway are “the last European powers missing from the game”


This is the Nth thread talking about this. You can just go to the other and stop making new threads. Btw we don’t want more european civs, the game is already very very european. Add some more african/asian/natuve American civs and stop adding european civs.


Yes, this have never been discussed before

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I do remember, in the end it ended up killing the Latin American community of the forum and restricted creativity due to the lack of feedback for the proposed civilizations.

Perhaps they should do the same to the users of the European community to achieve the same effect, clearly you agree, right?


Still, bit unnecessary to have this thread popup straight away after one of the same topic - thread creator could have just looked at the one currently floating about.

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It means there is a demand. Higher than any other civilization, and it makes sense because production for these 2 civs are cheaper than the ones people want like Persians. You dont need a potential new civ mechanic, no architecture set, no fully unique roster. So if there is a small hope for new civs to be added, it will be likely these 2.

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That would be great, so we don’t get a PLC and German split thread every other day


Austrians are not Germans like Ukrainians and Belarusians are not Russians (Because players talking often about Austrian aspect also in these , German split" threads). Regards.

austrian identity as something unique is mostly a post ww2 thing, and even today places like bavaria are closer culturally to austrian than they are to holstein etc.

if you asked someone in WW1 what austrians where they would say germans, often they were just called “german austria”. also pretty disgusting comparison gotta be honest with you.