Request for Physical Collectors Edition Release


With special civs for collectors editions.

What? Do you mean exclusive civs only for Collector Edition buyers? If that’s the case, what a terrible, regrettable idea. I plan to instabuy a Collector’s Edition of Age of Empires IV, but that doesn’t mean I want people that cannot afford buying it to have less civs to play.

Extra content like including all future DLCs for the game, or collector material like an artbook, a high-quality soundtrack, cards, posters, figurines… things like those would be perfectly fine.


Like the old games. With instruction manual, nice artwork etc. Maybe even a physical disc… I realise will probably be a download code because of current year but that would be a dream. It would also be nice to let us redeem it on whichever store we like so we are not locked in to Microsoft store for choosing the physical edition.



I would definitely purchase this.


I don’t support any in game content being locked behind a special edition.


Not in game content, but extras like soundtrack, artbook, prints, a figurine… that kind of things. I miss a lot the old big boxes with physical tech trees, civilization cards and so.


I 100% agree with you

Me want it really bad too!! Please give us one!

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Do you think there’s going to be a collector’s edition? such as AOE3 :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, I’m an old school player and have loved AOE since I had original back in 98’ and was wondering is there actually going to be physical copies of the game released? I love to have some box art with technology trees, Maps and just an old school information guide included. Maybe there won’t be an actually disc and just a code. I’m asking because i want to pre-order and don’t see anything about an actual old school box release.


Hi @BTG099, Back when Age of Empires: DE released there was a Steelbook version available in Europe for a limited time without installation media included, just the case. Since that time, as far as I know, there have been no other physical editions released or announced to date worldwide.

Since Age of Empires IV is a brand new game, there has been a significant number of fans who are requesting a physical collectors edition of the game.

If you would like to provide feedback on what items you would like to see in such a release, please vote in this poll:


Thank you for the information. Steelbook release would be :+1:


Would love a Physical Collector’s as well.

Comments in other topics requesting a physical collectors edition release:


Physical collector’s edition or we riot.

Somehow. Keeping the safe distances. But we riot.

Is there any plan for a physical / retail / collector’s version?


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I would like to know myself, I’ve now played the game, and even though I’d probably would have bought the game day one. I just don’t want to pre-order on Steam and then hear theres a psychical copy being released.

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I’m also holding off on pre-ordering because i much rather have a physical collectors edition.

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The odds of a physical release are slim and none and slim just left town.

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I would also love a physical edition. I will still buy the Digital Edition, but if a Physical Edition gets released, I would like to still have access to everything that I bought, Digital or otherwise.