The Winter 2022-23 Screenshot Contest Has Begun

AoE2 might have a bigger playerbase… AoE4 might have better competitive support. But AoE3 is still the uncontested supreme champion of being the most A E S T H E T I C rts to ever exist. It’s time to honor that tradition once again with a Winter 2022-23 screenshot contest. It’s time for your best AoE3 screenshots and eyecandy once more.


  • Give every submission a title
  • One submission per post-- you can submit as many images as you’d like, but make sure to make a new post for each one.
  • Crop or remove the UI.
  • New, original submissions only!
  • No memes-- there are plenty of AoE3 memes but this thread is for in-game artwork.

I’ve kinda failed at setting hard dates and following through on them for judging so I think this time I’m just gonna say that I will probably close submissions sometime in the new year, when I feel like it, and we will vote once more as a community on the top 5 screenshots. I’ll give a weeks notice ahead of time for the end of submissions.

Some tips for making great screenshots:

  • Compose a scene in the scenario editor, either from scratch on on a premade made. The “embellishments” category in the Add Units window is a great place to find lots of amazing models. There are seriously, thousands of things to add and play around with. Use the move unit tool to position things in interesting ways-- you can create new shapes, buildings, and objects by combining things together creatively.

  • Go into camera editor and click free cam. Now you can zoom in or out as far as you want, and adjust the pitch of the camera with the cntrl + arrow keys, to get those super close-up shots!

  • To add sky to your images, either use skybox 1 or skybox, OR, use the much better sky backgrounds that you can get by searching for Misc Props in embellishment, and then right-clicking through the objects until you get either a bright light sky, or a dark night sky dome.

  • Play around with the photo mode! It seems very promising so far. You access it by hitting pause in a skirmish or in multiplayer, and then you select photomode (beta) from the menu.

The past three screenshot competition threads are here, for inspiration:
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[September-October Screenshot Contest!]
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Take note, I’ve seen SO MANY examples of content creators on YouTube using screenshot contest images as thumbnails for their videos (it would be nice to get a little attribution). So if you make an image good enough, you might just be featured there!

Also, if you’re interested in screenshots and scenarios, join my discord here: Squam's Scenarios and Screenshots

Best of luck!


I’ll be submitting some stuff for sure

The Age 3 X-Files: I want to Boom :alien::alien::alien:

Reposting because got not much attention last screenshot contest. xD


i like the skinny dog! hold on though, what do you mean no attention last time? it got 18 upvotes! Sorry, you don’t have to remove it but I’m going to say that it won’t be considered for voting in this current contest. Make a new one!

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I posted 3 months later almost at the end of the contest. So I don’t think it counts. .-.

The Britain longbowman Pull bowstring with right hand is cool


Dutch West Indies






that’s the way the cookie crumbles mate. make a new one and get in early! it can even be the same theme / concept.

Hungarian Revolutionaries burning down a German Village

not a scenario-edited shot, but I like this sight and the night game cheat code


I took this screenshot in a simple skirmish game improvised without anything preorned in the editor and the truth that I liked quite and wanted to share it with you guys :slight_smile:


The lost city


Trabajando por México.
Do using mods is valid?


Batallon Mercenario

El dia D!


yeah this one is great

Sailing to New England

I’ve used this one for the Age of Bison youtube but it’s 100% my own creation


Charge of the Light Brigade


Sight of Prey


The peasants charge!!