Renewals to the original content and its first two expansions

Actually, I would like both options. XD

Being able to reverse them, or being able to go entirely on a new line.

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Sir, yes sir. :saluting_face:

Perhaps it would be necessary to merge the concepts, the fifth age could give unique units just like the revolutions, the revolutions could be designed for an offensive while the imperial age would be designed to be defensive, both could access a customizable deck, the revolutions would have more powerful military shipments and empires would have more infrastructure shipments.

None would lack economic and military shipments, but it would cost them more to obtain them.

Infrastructure cards: Free
Military cards: They cost resources

Infrastructure Cards: They cost resources
Military Cards: Free

Currently there are some units that could be for the imperial age, for example the English could replace the longbow archer with the ranger automatically in imperial and enable upgrades.

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Most revolutions do enable you to re-start your economy I’m fine with that. And reversing revolutions would ruin the point.

The main downsides is you lose out on imperial unit and economic upgrades,

Losing your custom built deck for a fixed one is part of the price for revolting.

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No, on the contrary it is a reward, the deck of a revolution is usually much better than a normal deck, the vast majority of cards in a normal deck are useless for a revolution, for example, what good is a shipment of 2 falconets if you can send me 4 gatling machine gun?.

The only reason I want rev decks to be customizable is to make use of cards that are normally trash, for example.
image image image

That’s a half truth, but yes.

:smile: :+1:

I would like a desert version painted with trade routes. Also a version of the orinoco with trade routes (Could be a river trade route).

Maps like the Amazon and the Caribbean need river/naval trade routes. The map ‘La Española’ does not have a trade route, but it could have a naval trade route.

I also want the ‘new england’ map and tutorial to look similar to the original game.

Bring back this beautiful lighting tone to these 'new england' styled maps

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English houses in the age of discovery: (Age I)

English houses in the age of commerce: (Age II)

WTF! why? :anguished:

English houses in the industrial age: (Age III)

Why do English houses and the like have to ruin street construction? :sweat:

Now that we have the photo mode, I think this error in the orientation and position of the houses should be fixed.


Chicos se que no tendra nada que ver, pero alguno de ustedes sabe como poner post imperial oh cualquier edad en el editor de mapas del aoe 3?

I would like to be able to create groups to sort my decks and I would also like to be able to sort them alphabetically and numerically.

Group 1 (Treaty)
1 Argentina.
2 Chile.
3 Imperial.
4 México.
5 Perú.

Group 2 (FF)
1 Sea Logistician.
2 Land Logistician.

Group 3 (Rush)
Land Logistician.
Sea Logistician.

These are the changes that I think are most necessary for the revolutions.

  1. I still think revolutions should be able to customize their decks.
  2. Gatling Guns should be craftable at Foundries and Fortresses.
  3. Revolutionaries should be available for training in strongholds and barracks.
  4. Revolutionaries should replace musketeers and gatling guns should replace falconets.
  5. The revolutions should have the same experience systems as the Spanish ones, but for all revolutions.
  6. The scout must become a revolutionary general and have the same skills as other generals in the game.
  7. The units of the revolutions would have to replace the units that fulfilled the same role.

In these two topics I put several ideas for new cards, I hope you like them. :smile:

I don’t understand why the developers refuse to add sea trade routes on the old maps.

Polish Winged Hussars: (Age IV) Ships 6 Winged Hussars
Note: i think this card should also allow us to train them on the forts.

Master Surgeons: (Age II) Surgeons can be trained at the Church and heals +50% hit points.
Note: I think this card should be a technology from the town center or the church.

Advanced Balloon: (Age IV) Ships an Advanced Hot Air Balloon.
Note: This card should have infinite uses and be exclusive to revolutions.


Also treasures in the water.

I think maps like florida, yucatan and caribbean maps could also have ‘treasure ships’ as ‘mines’, just like the panama map currently.


I think the treasure ships being a unique thing is fine. And I find water treasures are generally ignored since there isn’t an explorer equivalent on the sea. Maybe if there was some kind of flagship that could heal like the explorer then they’d be more appealing and warrant being added to old maps.

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I would still like to see water treasures on maps set before TAD.

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Now that there are historical maps, why not cover more continents apart from Europe?

For example, a historical map where only the Aztecs and the Spanish would make sense. Or the British vs the Americans. Or the British vs the Spanish in the Guagira peninsula.

In some maps you get a Cathamaran or a Privateer at the start that can get treasures, like in the Horn map or the new Mediterranean.