Renewals to the original content and its first two expansions

Well remember that it is a German civilization,not a united nation as such,that is,it would represent the Holy Roman Empire and on the longbows,the British continued to use them until the English civil war in 1642,for example the royalist army owned thousands of these;instead the parliamentary army had thousands of muskets…


South America needs more natives. Even Central America and the Caribbean could have more natives such as the Tainos.


Turks need to look Turkish, with Turkish texture for architecture, Turkish peasants, grenadiers with Turkish textures, light knights like hussars but with Turkish textures, and artillery carriers with Turkish textures.


I think we can assume that this is being fulfilled. I like the new British unit and their new warship. I would like other civilizations to receive some kind of flagship in the future.

I think it would be relatively easy to polish the minor factions one by one, just as it is being done with the civilizations. Enough research has already been done to update them properly: [Minor Natives topic] Post here your ideas for every single minor natives so the devs can look at.

I don’t think it’s too difficult. Just some code alterations and an image that represents that improvement/technology.

We have also ordered some new units, but I don’t think it will be very difficult. After all they are adding skins to the heroes and sometimes new units.

By the end of the game the strelet of the Russians could cost coins instead of wood once the improvement of ‘imperial strelet’ is done. They use firearms so that would also make more sense. In fact I think they could cost coins+food from the beginning, but I guess the cost in wood is for balance or something like that.

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Ottomans could also have a skirmish unit in the barracks, and unlockable gunpowder cavalry with cards replacing the cavalry archer and making it available in the fort. (All this for game end). They also need an infinite native ally, just like the Germans.

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They are doing such renewal, starting for the British
Good, the legacy civs are drawing more of my attention now.

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I suppose that when each civilization ends up receiving their respective facelift, they will focus on the rest of the aspects such as minor factions that would actually be much easier to polish compared to civilizations.


It looks like the European fishing boats will have villagers on them.
I hope the same thing happens with the Native American fishing boats.

(image credit to @Konahrik1140)

I also hope that the way they obtain coins from the Lakota and Jaudenosaunese mines is resolved once and for all. There are already enough proposals in this regard.

I would like you to review the British Cattle as it did not receive any revisions in the recent British rework. They can fatten up and harvest cattle faster than many factions, but it requires a lot of cards and some context, like treaty or maps that have herding cattle.

I think that the best way to update old content related to America and especially South America is that it is accompanied by paid DLC. But how could it be…?, Mapuches as small DLC (?).

With this new expansion it has been shown that the game is improving more than we imagined, so it is easy to assume that new natives for South America, new maps and naval trade routes could be present eventually.

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