Age of Empires IV - Patch 10257 Notes

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to download the first Age of Empires IV patch of 2022, and we thought you might appreciate an early view of the patch list ahead of the main event!

Patch 10257 focuses on balance changes and bug fixes across a variety of civilizations with the goal of addressing some of the most critical issues faced by each. As seen in the full list of patch notes, we’re addressing player feedback related to the Mongol civilization and Fire Lancer unit feeling overpowered, as well as resolving several Delhi Sultanate bugs to ensure the civilization’s distinct mechanics shine through.

See the full notes here.


Delhiman is glad. The elephant shall shed fewer tears.


"Right now, we’re looking into strengthening the Abbasid Dynasty, improving counterplay vs. siege weapons, tuning demolition ships, ensuring elephants and mounted cavalry units no longer attack faster when their animation is cancelled, and a variety of other changes. "

Sad that both of these will have to wait a month, but good to have confirmation that they’re working on this at least. Overall I’m quite pleased with the patch notes, pretty much in line with my hopes/expectations.

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Did they state it was going to take a month? Where did you read that?

I will still dont buy this game. The game still need 2 big patches to be playable in my opinion.
The siege is still super-fast, unpacking time, moving and more… defense buildings are underpowered.

So we have the official patchnotes, wait for the real patchnotes after players play and find the new bugs that have been added.

If my Elephants cry more after the patch, I’ll sure be a little moved enough to stop playing again. I may even stop smiling as much. But until I see what comes, I dare not dive into the pit of pessimism.

Patch looks good - pretty much everything balance and bug-wise addressed. I like the incremental approach for civ balancing on Mongols and Rus too rather than the nerf hammer, then buff again approach that sometimes happens.

Very good changes. Thanks Dev - also communication in the patch is improved!!

Looking forward to play after the patch and also looking forward to the February patch :slight_smile:

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I am not being pessimistic, just going by the past patches, they have been adding newer bugs and fixing less bugs than they add

Those points are planned for the february patch. We don’t know when exactly it will drop, but I am expecting it somewhere halfway the month. (e.g. a month from now)

boooo, hopefully not mid February.

Gotta say, patch notes look way better than previous ones.
It’s really nice to see that now there are clear explanations of why each change was implemented. And even though there are still things to be fixed, it’s nice to see that these issues have at least been acknowledged and you devs are working on these changes.


I love what they did with the scout, but I think it should be a bit slower. The thing about the monks, I think they just had to slow down the Russian.

Idk, there will be another patch in February. I think the change seems very fair. It definitely discourages people from going all the way to the opponent base to steal their hunts

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I hope that the slowness of the scouts is enough to beat them with horsemen or archers

You are correct. That is very logical. I agree. It is also not a bad thing to be pessimistic, only to be a pessimist. I simply want to be optimistic about the patch because it says it will help the only Civ I play. :smirk:

Yep, my patch will come in February, but this is a good patch with good communication done. They did as they said and it is definitely a improvement.

Can’t change the past, but the future looks brighter now.

Maybe with pro scouts nerf and the slight horseman buff, the abbasids will be doing slightly better now.

Mongols still gonna rule 1v1, nothing really changes for them. I guess they really don’t know how to nerf them.