Antilles Map


Immense riches can be made from the plantations of the West Indian Archipelago. These islands are worth much more than a few acres of snow. The multitude of islands provides a haven for pirates and smugglers who will need to be suppressed to gain full control of the region’s trade.

Settlements - Caribs, Maroons
Trade Route - Sea route down the center. Capturable route around periphery guarded by pirates
Features - Separate starting islands connected by a chokepoint of shallows enabling land invasions

With a submerged but crossable land connection, this map could still be played without taking water, eliminating one of the disliked parts of Caribbean. It would also introduce water trade routes and capturable routes to maps of the Americas.
This map could be further improved with the ability of small boats to cross shallow water and travel between the islands more easily.

Alternate Forms

Secondary islands enlarged to accommodate more players. Could have more islands chained to the starting 4 for 3vs3 or 4vs4 configurations.
A small central island with larger islands extending as spokes would provide a more fair start for odd number FFAs.


More Maps


Excelente trabajo.
Espero que los desarrolladores lo vean y lo implementen al juego :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Wonderful idea, the entire Caribbean was an important conflict zone, and I always want to see more maps covering anywhere.


Wait wtf
Isn’t Patagonia just a small part of Argentina? Why does it cover most of Argentina on that map? lol

About your map idea, it’s cool


No, it can refer to pretty much the entire southern region of the continent. The Patagonia region on the in game map is actually more accurate than most regions.

That’s a cool looking map, I’m always pleased to see new water maps.

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Fun fact - After the Seven Years War, the French traded all of Canada for a single island in the Lesser Antilles

France gained the return of its sugar colony, Guadeloupe, which it considered more valuable than Canada. Voltaire had notoriously dismissed Acadia(Canada) as quelques arpents de neige (a few acres of snow)


I like your creativity for maps and although islands maps are not my cup of taste, this one is still much better than a bunch of islands/archipelago maps present throughout all AOEs.

Edit: Ok. I would definitely play this map. Have you ever thought about redesign a few old maps?

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I’ve mostly been designing them in conjunction with other ideas to help justify them. For example, an Inuit minor faction is not going to be viable without maps to put them on. This one was more to fill out the new territories I included in the loading screen map I made.

For changing old ones I’d rather just stick to fixing glaring errors like Zapotecs in the Amazon or Moose in Arctic Territories but those are pretty minor changes. Arctic Territories is probably the only one I’d rework (even more so than in my Arctic Maps post) since I just really don’t like the design.

I’ve been taking inspiration from the old maps and trying to design new ones that avoid their drawbacks. The next one I’ll post is basically a cross between Orinoco and Amazon which hopefully wouldn’t be as much of a slog fest as either of those two.


I like the design, but I think it should have ocean and fishing to the south. Also some natives.

I would like you to capture this idea that I have of the Amazon, the Caribbean and the Spanish.

I did make those changes to Arctic Territories for my Inuit suggestion. And I proposed it be renamed to Septentrion which is a common label for unknown northern regions in old maps.

Maritime trade routes in American maps is the next suggestion I’m working on. But more specifically, coastal and riverine routes. They could go from Canoe → Large Dugout Canoe → Paddlewheel Riverboat like what is pictured in the images below.


The maps I have done so far are actually quite similar to your idea for Amazon but split into two maps.

The Antilles map in this suggestion and Mosquito Coast map were also ways to add oceanic trade routes to the Americas without needing to alter Caribbean and Hispaniola for those who enjoy them. Hispaniola is a weaker one though and could probably benefit from at least adding water treasures and new natives like Maroons.


so im wondering, how do you make these maps? like what tool do you use?


It’s the free equivalent to Adobe Illustrator.

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I would like this map for the treatise game.

Something like that could work for the Athabasca region I included in this map:

Do you know if that map download will work on DE, or will the file only work with legacy?

I’d really like a map based on the Cerrado region

I don’t know, but I think I could execute.
I don’t know what the folder is either.

Oregon will be the next one for maps with river trade routes.


Could you make a tutorial on how to use it? I would like to propose a redesign for ‘Caribbean’ and ‘Hispaniola’.
Also a new version for great lakes that is not always a circular map, and there are natives of Cree and Cheyenne at the same time.

This guy has a bunch of good tutorials on it. This one might cover the basics of what you’d need: